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Lock Pick Set of 9

The Lockpick Set of 9 is collection of picks that will open a wide variety of locks included standard front door locks, car locks, and high security locks. This comprehansive set comes with 9 picks and one tension wrench and included such pick styles as dimple rake, hook, riffle, diamond and diamond-hook.
  • Made for home locks, car locks, high security locks
  • Set of 9 lockpicks with different angles
  • Ergonomic plastic handles
  • Tension wrench included
  • Stainless steel picks
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lockpick set 9 tension diamond riffle hook rake

Pad Lock Picks

This is a set of 8 padlock picks that can be used to rapidly open various types of padlocks with 5 pin, 6 pin and 7 pin locking mechanisms. Comb picks allow you to exploit the fact that you can push both parts of the pin and spring into the padlock housing and are designed for quick lockpicking.
  • Set of 8 different lock mechanism patterns
  • Designed for quick lockpicking
  • 2 of Each (5 pin, 6 pin, 7 pin)
  • Small, wallet sized
  • Stainless steel picks
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pad lock quick lockpicks

auto car locked out lockpicks lockpicking lock picks tumbler graphic lockpick pad lock locked out

Handcuff Key

A universal handcuff key can be useful in many situations. It's a good idea of have an extra one around if you use a set of real handcuffs in home. Imagine travelling and getting kidnapped, this key could safe your life. If you are in private law enforcement a universal handcuff key is a must.
  • Compatible with standard series handcuffs
  • Made of treated stainless steel
  • Small size, easily concealed
  • Should give lifetime of service
  • Keep with your every day keys
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handcuff universal key standard

Lock Pick Laws

Please check your local laws if you are ordering from outside of Canada*

In Canada, the possession of lock picking tools and lock picking accessories, with the exception of key copying/duplication tools, is legal.

Lock Pick Gun

A Lock Pick Snap Gun was originally designed to give law enforcement a quick way to pick locks without any skill. The gun can be used to pick most double track, pin and disk tumbler locks, plus with practice it can work as fast as 2 seconds. Gun comes with three picking needles and one tension wrench.
  • Works with most double track, pin, and disk tumblers
  • Specially designed for quick lockpicking
  • Three picks and one tension wrench
  • Long pick extension bar
  • Fully adjustable
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lockpick snap gun picks lock tension

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