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WELCOME is your local Canadian online shop for lock picks and locksmith tools. We supply tools to amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts, lock smiths, security professional, military and government agencies. In this store, you'll find sets of lock picks, easy to use lock pick guns, and even antique keys for those older locks. All products come with free shipping and can be purchased off this website using our secure 128 bit encryption check-out service.

Why Pick Locks...

There are many reasons why owning a set of lock picking tools can be advantageous. Losing your keys at the wrong time can be stressful, even worse if there's an emergency. Having to rely on a locksmith to show-up when you need to be somewhere is frustrating. Learning how to lock pick can be easy - please check with your local area about legally owning lock picking tools; Canada federal rules state lock picking tools are okay as long as there is no intend to commit a crime.

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